Demon Spotlight: Ebba Gumaelius

From Sweden to North Dakota, Ebba Gumaelius is starting her junior year at BHS.


Chris Yoder, Writer

This year Bismarck High School has had a few new foreign exchange students, one of them being Ebba Gumaelius, who is from Sweden.  

She arrived at Bismarck around a month ago, and has been enjoying it here. She participates in activities such as cross country and BHS’s school yearbook.

“I have met a lot of new people, and have had a lot of fun so far,” Gumaelius said. 

One person she met is Kylie Meidinger, another student here at BHS. Meidinger and Gunamelius met each other in US history

“For fun and for laughs we like to talk about the differences between Sweden and North Dakota. There are differences, some good, some bad and it’s funny.” Meidinger said.

“There are some similarities, America isn’t completely different from Sweden,” Gunmaelius said. 

It’s the minor things, such as calling teachers by their first names instead of last names, school schedules, school lunches, not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle, and food coloring in foods.

“There are some similarities,” Gunmaelius said, “America isn’t completely different from Sweden.”