Sunny summer over stressful spring

Summertime brings the joy of relaxation and sunny days. To get to summer, cold spring days have to be faced in North Dakota.


Weather in the spring in North Dakota is up and down with its warm days that create the anticipation of summer, and the cold days that feel never ending. 

Spring in North Dakota is not always the most reliable. The weather is a hurricane of different temperatures that switch often. 

Summer brings freedom away from school, and more opportunities as the days become longer and nights shorter. Summer has warmer, more humid weather than spring, allowing outdoor activities like going to the beach or pool. From a student perspective, summer opens up their calendar giving more time for friends and family. This season is freeing and typically has no restrictions due to school, so students are able to take a breath and not worry about busy days and long nights of homework. 

The rushed feeling of the final quarter of school can make spring feel unappealing. The last few months of school leading up to summer are packed with different out of school events along with school work. Because there is a limited amount of time in the spring, stress is at an all time high. 

AP testing, finals, and deadlines all contribute to the anxious feeling of spring. There are benefits of spring with the various sports and other activities. School related responsibilities can take time out of the school day, such as the academic pep rally, and other music concerts. The responsibilities may outweigh the fun due to the time that these activities take out of the day, giving less time for homework. 

Watching the sunrise instead of spending nights studying is the relief that students long for during the school year. Counting down the days until school is out to finally be done is the light at the end of the tunnel for many students. 

Not only does summer feel more enjoyable because of the opportunities, it can also be beneficial to an individual’s health. According to Hartford Healthcare, sunny days can improve brain function as higher levels of vitamin D are able to help with nerve cell growth in the brain. Sleep can also be improved in the summer as sunlight helps regulate the body’s internal clock. Getting an hour of sunlight each day can help those with insomnia get to sleep a bit earlier. Seasonal depression decreases in the summer because sunlight can have a positive effect on serotonin levels. According to Healthline, 40 percent of Americans have a vitamin D deficiency. The sunny months help bring back those needed vitamins that help maintain positive mental health. 

Whether or not summer is better than spring is a personal preference, but in either case, the warmer weather makes students feel alive after months of hard work.