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  • May 1NDHSAA officially cancels all spring sports, and remaining winter state basketball tournaments.
  • April 14The NDHSAA board of directors voted to continue the indefinite suspension of the winter sports tournaments and spring sports season. The next meeting will take place on May 1st.
  • March 13ND Class "A" State Basketball Tournaments Suspended

Back out of the classroom?

Becky Riepl, Opinion Editor
November 20, 2020
Staying informed. Principle David Wisthoff has seen the effects of the precaution measures and is eager to use these to reopen schools. This past spring, BHS was completely online and excluded from in-person learning. “If we come back full go, with the current interpretation that masks will be worn when 6 foot distancing can't be maintained, you will most likely have to wear those all day,” Wisthoff said.

Education during a pandemic

Scott Gotta, Entertainment Editor
September 27, 2020
Leading the band. The sacrifices made due to COVID-19 include excluding the band from parts of the fall season. BHS Band Director Robert Peske has conducted the band for decades and understands the reason behind prohibiting pep band. “While trying to stay within the guidelines the Health Department sets out, it can be hard to please everyone,” Peske said.

Pep Band postponed this fall

Scott Gotta, Entertainment Editor
September 27, 2020
Online Assignment. Incoming BHS freshman Sydney Hall is working on an online assignment. Students were given work to complete at a distance from each other because of the school closings. “I am least looking forward to the homework [of online school],” Hall said.

Online summer school

Calista Rennich, writer
May 25, 2020
On to greater things. BHS senior Connor Fogarty plans to go to St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. During high school, Fogarty has been a part of several high school activities - including the BHS HiHerald. “I have so many varied interests, whether it's music, math, writing, programming or physics. I don't want to start narrowing down just yet. That's what college is for,” Fogarty said.

An English class achiever

Scott Gotta, writer
May 25, 2020
Modified opportunities. BHS HOSA students waited eagerly to meet U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams at Legacy High School last October, months before nation-wide restrictions were imposed on large gatherings. Due to these restrictions, this year’s state HOSA conference was held virtually in April, and HOSA’s much larger International  Leadership Conference is set to take place this June in an online format. “The students miss out on the experience of being at a competition with over twelve thousand other students,” BHS HOSA Adviser Heather Frey said. “They miss out on all of the excitement and energy at the conference.  They also miss out on all of the fun that traveling brings.”

Adapting to virtual form

Mackenzie Swenson, Opinion editor
May 22, 2020
_Virtual Complaint Department and Lemonade_  is the first virtual play to be performed in BHS. It proposes many changes to the students. “We can still create and have a fun time even if we aren’t physically together,” BHS senior Ethan Pedersen said.

Internet acting

Izzy Parker, Entertainment editor
May 22, 2020
Understanding success. Sometimes, BHS junior Mackenzie Swenson can feel like she is not deserving of praise when it is compared to someone else’s success. However, winning the Free Spirit award made her realize how skilled she must be at journalism since only one person per state can win. “I don’t mean to imply that being a Free Spirit scholar makes me feel superior, but it has lightened the load of years of self-doubt,” Swenson said.

Becoming a Free Spirit

Connor Fogarty, News/Feature editor
May 21, 2020
AP College Board. Despite the recent in school shutdowns, AP College Board continues to put out online resources to help AP students review. The option to take online AP exams has also been offered by College Board. “Students will be given links to YouTube videos and other resources on the College Board website,” BHS counselor Barb Coyle said.

Reworking the AP exams

Becky Riepl, Photographer editor
May 1, 2020
Making the best of things. After the ND All-State Music Festival was suspended due to COVID-19 concerns, members of the festival’s Jazz Choir submitted individual recordings that were then stitched together over many hours by one of the choir’s members.  However, the Jazz Choir is the only All-State group reported to have created a virtual performance such as this, meaning that members of the festival’s other ensembles may simply miss out this year. “I sit on the board who made the decision regarding All-State, as well as the board that made the decision on contests,” BHS choir teacher Brian Saylor said. “These decisions, while imminent were some of the most difficult decisions I have had to make in any leadership role.”

A broken rhythm

Mackenzie Swenson, Opinion editor
May 1, 2020
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