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The possible TikTok takedown

The possible TikTok takedown

Kadence Glasser, Entertainment Editor
April 22, 2024

North Dakota weather

Carson Braun, Writer
March 26, 2024
The Jody Olheiser Memorial Scholarship is a chance for students to remember their beloved teacher who impacted many lives. This scholarship will help one chosen AVID student continue their education after high school. “Its a more personal scholarship just because its for Mrs. O,” BHS English and AVID teacher Allison Reommich said. “Its a nice reflective point for the ones who knew her and a nice way to remember what an impact she had on them.”

A chance to help and remember

Kadence Glasser, Entertainment Editor
February 27, 2024
Hands-on learning. Bismarck, North Dakota differentiates itself by prioritizing career academies, leading by example and investing in new programs. Students have been given the chance to leave the traditional classroom and pursue real-life skills. Career Technical education will continue to lead young minds to success. “I think the students in Bismarck are so lucky,” Career Academy and Technical Center Director Dale Hoerauf said. “It’s just not me, It’s the school board and it’s the superintendent, they believed in all this stuff. They believed that there’s more than just core classes.”

Success starts young

Alannah Kemmis, Photography Editor
February 27, 2024
The struggle to find a balance. Students do not often look forward to reading the books that they are expected to read. Teachers do their best to find a balance between student’s interests and the reading that is required. “Reading stories (fiction or not), gives us a way to understand ourselves and those around us, in experiences and settings that we might never experience otherwise,” Bismarck High School English teacher Kirsten Nies said.

Lessons of literature

Kadence Glasser, Entertainment and Opinion Editor
December 21, 2023
Comics. Amendments are found everywhere in the world. The word ‘Amendments’ was spotted in this comic book. “The First Amendment guarantees that the government will not infringe our right to free speech by preventing us from speaking, punishing us based on the content of what we say, or compelling us to say things we do not believe,” First Amendment Specialist Kevin Goldberg said.

Are your rights right?

Hannah Sarkilahti, Editor-in-chief
December 20, 2023
The Cup Game. Emma Mathis and Issac Turner stand off in one of the many Impact One games. When playing, these two had to hold certain positions until the person in charge said “cup.” “The cup game is definitely one of the most competitive games that you can play at Impact One,” BHS junior Aleah McGraw said.

Impact One

Jordyn Pierce, Writer
November 19, 2023
Testing interests. Job shadowing gives students the ability to learn more about many different careers, and experience them firsthand. Bismarck high school offers this to juniors and seniors, and believes that it may help any student learn more about the workforce. ”The skys the limit when youre going in for some of those job shadows,” Career advisor Shannon Balerud said.

The success of job shadowing

Kadence Glasser, Opinion/Entertainment Editor
November 16, 2023
Magnificent. The striking structure looks great both in the sun and in the rain. The Shadow
that was casted by the bridge was massive in the sun, and gave great cover in the rain. “There’s
no more historicly importnant work of architecture in the entire state,” FORB founder Nick
Bradbury Said.

A steel marvel

Ayden Olson, Writer
November 16, 2023
Spirit Halloween’s 2023 Opening Display. Spirit Halloween is a very successful Halloween store, and has been around for many years. Dawn Riggle, a manager at Spirit Halloween, helped put together the displays shown above and to the left. “I like helping people make their costumes,” Riggle said.

Twelfth season of scares

Skyler Simosko, Writer
November 15, 2023
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