2021 Senior Video

The BPS foundation is putting together a senior video for the class of 2021. All seniors should submit a senior picture for the video. Below, Stacey Lang, the head of the BPS foundation, answers any questions students may have regarding the video.

Q: What is the due date?

A: At this point, we would like to receive all submissions by Friday, March 5th.  Any entries received past this point will not be guaranteed to be included.

Q: Where and how do they turn it in?

A: The Submission form can be found here: https://www.bpsfoundation.com/bps-senior-photo-submission/

Q: What is the video of? 

A: The video showcases all graduating seniors with focuses on athletics and fine arts, along with words of encouragement from their community sponsor, teachers and admin staff.

Q: Is it required of seniors? 

A: Submitting a photo is not required. Any [students whose] photos are not received will utilize the school/Josten’s photo for the video or have their name listed in the not pictured section.


The BHS 2021 Senior Salute will air on KFYR-TV Bismarck on Saturday, May 15 from 5-5:30 p.m. central time. Keepsake DVD’s may also be ordered following the airing of this feature. If there are any informal group photos and/or videos (athletics, fine arts, etc.) that students would like to share for potential use in the video, please have them sent to [email protected]