The 2021 Retirees: Unterseher


After a long, successful career, math teacher Mark Unterserher is retiring from his position. Unterseher has been a loved teacher during his three decades at Bismarck High School.
Like all careers, teaching can have its ups and downs. Over the years, however, Unterseher has made many lasting memories.
“I have been working at BHS for 32 years now. This year I am teaching three enriched geometry classes, one regular geometry and math applications,” Unterseher said.
Unterseher has bonded with students through each of these classes. He enjoys asking the students about their lives.
“The relationships I’ve gained with my students over the years has been my favorite thing about teaching and about BHS as a whole,” Unterseher said.
In retirement, many things will come to an end, but there can be new beginnings as well. Unterseher has been coaching middle school boys and girls cross country and track for a number of years now. After retiring from teaching, he plans on continuing his coaching career.
“I will continue to coach at Wachter middle school – the cross country and track team,” Unterseher said. “I also will spend a lot of my extra time hunting. I want to travel in my motorhome and spend time with my family.”
Retiring is like ending a good book or television series. Saying goodbye to a career and place can be challenging. Unterseher said there will be a lot of things that he will miss.
“What I’m going to miss most about BHS and teaching is all of the relationships I’ve gained and enjoyed from the teachers and the students. I’m also going to miss visiting with Mr. Silbernagel as well.”
Over the years, Unterseher has learned many things about teaching. He has learned what to do and what not to do, as well as what helps students learn and what can hinder their learning.
“If I was to give upcoming teachers advice, I would tell them to make good relationships with all their students,” Unterseher said. “If you want them to work hard in your class, you have to show them that you care.”