Eat Thai Café

Large windows, beautiful plants, mouth-watering smell – the Eat Thai Café is an excellent place to dine. Upon first glance, the place looks relatively small and crowded. However, with further inspection, the building becomes increasingly similar to any other restaurant. They take advantage of the limited space with built-in seating by the windows – which are quite large and give the impression of a spacious interior – and tables by the back walls. Starting with the exterior of the café, one would park in the parking lot behind the building and follow the sidewalk that leads to the front entrance. From there one would notice all sorts of pretty flowers and plants along the walkway while making their way to the door. Once inside, one is greeted by a cheerful worker ready to take your order. The food itself comes with a rather large serving and amazing flavor – with the option upon ordering to determine the spice on a zero to four scale (with two being enough to make one cry, supposedly). If one chooses to dine in, they would find a seat and a pitcher of lemon water would be delivered not long after by one of the staff members. The food itself was practically godly – with a large proportion, wonderful colors and delightful flavor. If one happens to have leftovers, they provide high-quality take-out boxes that are microwave safe. Honestly, returning here may find itself on one’s calendar after giving this little place a try. This place deserves a five out of five.