Milk and Honey review

4.5 Stars


This past June, Contemporary Christian music artist, David Crowder, released his fourth studio album as a solo artist titled, “Milk and Honey.”  The title is inspired by an event from the Book of Exodus, where God promised to lead the Isrealites out of Egypt and into Canaan, which was a land “flowing with milk and honey.” It is a foot-stomping, heart-pumping album that will get anyone excited about their faith. With very in-depth and direct lyrics paired with southern gospel, folk, country and pop, Crowder does a fine job of displaying his musical brilliance. 

The album opens with the joyful hit single, “Good God Almighty” and then goes into the simple yet catchy intro of “In the House”. Crowder includes some very upbeat songs like the title track “Milk and Honey”, “Higher Power” (featuring Hulvey) and “Who’s Gonna Stop the King.” He also gives some very heartfelt worshipful songs, such as “He Is”, “God Really Loves Us” (featuring Maverick City Music) and “The Anchor.” The album is very uplifting and direct with songs like “Better Than Sunshine” and “Hallelujah For Every Broken Heart.” 

This album is very driven and provides a good message. Crowder always does a very nice job of mixing many different styles into a fun and fresh musical stew. While it is a very good album, the only aspect that may have made it slightly better would be if he tapped into more of his southern gospel roots. While Crowder is already in his fourth decade of music, this album seems to promise many more to come.