Famous Dave’s renovations review


Great food, helpful service and a unique atmosphere are what most expect when they pop into Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que off of East Bismarck Expressway, and while their most notable characteristics like the feel of the space and their typical Bar-B-Que dishes remain the same, they have recently undergone some new renovations. Some of these renovations include some changes to the setup of the dining room, along with a new outdoor space for customers to enjoy. The changes, while they may not seem grand in theory, are clear right from the moment one walks in. For example, while most dine-in restaurants have a host waiting to greet and seat oncoming guests, Famous Dave’s has now incorporated “full service” or “counter service” options for their customers. While “full service” is the same as it was before, with a waiter or waitress prepared to take orders and wait on individuals, the “counter service” is a new concept designed to make to-go orders simpler. It allows individuals the freedom to order for themselves at the counter and the responsibility of getting their own drinks, like other fast-food restaurants. These changes have ultimately combined two different methods of customer service that, up until this point, have typically remained separate, which may now set this place apart from other restaurants in customers’ minds. Overall, the changes really only impact the individual’s experience in getting their food, otherwise, everything has remained the same or has been upgraded slightly. It might be said that the changes could leave some customers confused about what to do, but if this happens, the helpful staff are always around to guide and direct customers. With this in mind, Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que gets a 4.5 out of 5 stars.