I Don’t Want Christmas to End album review


Christian rock artist Zach Williams recently came out with his first Christmas album in October 2021. “I Don’t Want Christmas to End” is a unique album that puts a 1960s southern rock feel on Christmas music. Williams and his band went south from Nashville to record this album at the classic FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. This is the studio where major artists from the past recorded their music, such as The Allman Brothers, Aretha Franklin and Little Richard. The record sounds like it came right out of the sixties and provides the ‘soul music’ that has never been performed with this much musical success.

The album kicks off with the dreamy familiar piano notes of “Christmas Time is Here.” It soon leads into a driving rendition of the song with a groovy drum beat and a jazzy instrumental background. Other songs contain this exciting flair, most notably with “Mary Did You Know?”, where Williams changed the eerie feeling that can come with the ballad and transformed it into a more funky style with a deep identity in drums. Other rocking songs include “Go Tell It on the Mountain,” “This Christmas” and “Run Run Rudolph.” He slows down on some notable songs, yet keeps the southern rock party atmosphere of the album with numbers like “That Spirit of Christmas,” “Silent Night” and the only original song, the title track, “I Don’t Want Christmas to End.” Williams’ mix of electric guitars with bar-room piano accompanied with smooth saxophones and trumpets along with the occasional wailing harmonica truly creates a blend of sounds that is phenomenal. 

In a genre that can often feel repetitive, Williams and his band members did a nice job putting together a Christmas album that is like no other. It is fun, energetic and puts a memorable spin on Christmas music. This album could have maybe reached one level higher if Williams had included some more original songs. It would also be interesting to hear Zach’s gruff and gravelly voice sing an upbeat song like “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” or a more tender one, such as “O Holy Night.” This album is a must-listen for all, especially those who are tired of repetitive Christmas music. Overall, this is a spectacular album that even the great artists from sixty years ago would be proud of. This album deserves a full five out of five stars.