Honoring Olheiser

Here at BHS, our teachers and staff members are like family to many of the students, and after the loss of AVID and Engish teacher Jody Olheiser to cancer, the community is coming together for a memorial 5K slush run in her honor. Together, her close friends and family will highlight her favorite message, “Live a Great Story”. All the proceeds will go towards a scholarship fund, which a single student from BHS AVID who meets certain criteria will receive. 

Mrs. Ohleiser was passionate about physical fitness and staying healthy, she ran frequently and inspired others to be in shape. By running in her honor the community can carry on her spirit and contribute to a great cause. 

The 5K route will take place at the Community Shelter next to the Amusement Park, and will follow the trail around the Dakota Zoo and back around the Park. Participants will receive hoo rags for their contribution and will promote the virtues of healthy living and supporting young students.

Mrs. Olheiser set the example for her students to be the best version of themselves both physically and mentally. We at the HiHerald staff are appreciative of the contributions made to the slush run and look forward to seeing the turnout for Mrs. Olheiser and her message to BHS.