Rants and raves

Rain. It helps plants to grow, it creates life, it cleans the air and it creates puddles for people to splash around in. Everything about rain seems so lovely – the smell of rain, the sound of raindrops hitting the window and the way it feels to have raindrops fall on bare skin. The mysterious layer of fog on the ground after it rains, the pretty rainbow in the sky or the droplets of rainwater on flowers seems so beautiful. Sadness and rain seem to come hand in hand, although sadness is not necessarily a bad thing.

Sadness. Feeling sad is not a terrible thing. It tends to feel horrible and like one should not be feeling that way at the time. Later on, one starts to realize it is okay to feel that way. Sometimes feeling sad is almost soothing, it makes one feel like they can finally let out all emotions and just breathe for once. Crying comes with sadness. It feels so nice to cry after a long week, a long day even.

Summer. Summer seems so nice on paper, but in reality, it is not all that it is cut out to be. During summer, everyone just ends up sweaty, bored and either working or in school. People seem to like summer because we do not have school, although it seems a lot of people are taking summer school anyway. And the people who are not are either working or staying at home every day. Having a three-month break from school seems awesome, but it never ends up being that way in reality.

Coffee. That black or brown substance that you drink when you do not get enough sleep. The thing that causes a stomach to hurt if one drinks too much of it, does not drink it often enough or even if one just happens to have a weak stomach. The thing that makes one stay up all night when they drink it too close to midnight. The thing that does not taste all that good on its own, without any creamers or flavorings.

Hair. It can be so expressive – the way it falls back over your forehead when you try to move it out of your face, how you can dye it an array of colors, not just natural. One can cut it to any length or choose to grow it out. It can be curled, straightened, crimped or even permed. It can be used to show yourself, as a person. Who you are, what you do, how creative you are.