Thank you janitors

Staff Editorial

The schooling system is built on the basis of a team of teachers, administrators, and janitors. Janitors, specifically, are vital toward maintaining a healthy and appropriate area to learn. Because of that, we, the HiHerald staff, are thankful for the services the janitorial staff at BHS provides for their students. 

Janitors, along with upkeeping the building during school hours, also pick up after those that attend school games and other events. Classrooms and facilities are continuously kept sanitary. Students and staff are encouraged to take a moment out of their day to thank the custodians for what they do for them and the school.

Especially with COVID-19, janitors worked their hardest to ensure that BHS was a healthy learning environment by cleaning everything in the building while students stayed home. They helped prevent the spread of illness and infections and maintained the general atmosphere of the school. We at the HiHerald do not want their hard work to go unnoticed, we are thankful for their assistance in making BHS a better school for all.