Support for boys volleyball

Volleyball should be a sanctioned sport for boys in Bismarck Public Schools.

The opportunity to participate in high school athletics is a great way to get out of one’s comfort zone and learn a new skill. With almost all current BHS sanctioned sports having teams for either boys or girls, volleyball is so far only offered exclusively to girls. There are many athletes at BHS that have played in volleyball clubs outside of school, many of which are male athletes. In many different areas around the country, volleyball is a diverse sport with male and female athletes having sanctioned teams that play during the same season. 

If the numbers for a boys team are adequate, then the NDHSAA (North Dakota High School Athletic Association) should grant money and hire a coach for the team. Volleyball should no longer be seen as a girls dominated sport in the state of North Dakota, and it would be interesting to see how the level of play and competition would grow after years of newly made boys teams.

Student athletes could also join the boys volleyball team as a bridge to stay in shape until spring sports arrive. For male athletes that are not interested in any currently available winter sports, a new addition like volleyball could promote student involvement.

Overall, sanctioning volleyball for boys is only fair considering that most other sports already involve a boys team, as well as athletes wanting an opportunity to compete. If there is a desire to participate in a healthy team activity then the NDHSAA should not hesitate to grant an opportunity.