The Jordan Wilhelm Podcast

Coach Jordan Wilhelm has recently started a podcast to shed light on everything coaches and players go through on a daily basis.


Thijs Wynveen, Writer

Jordan Wilhelm is Bismarck High Schools varsity coach for boys basketball, along with teaching AVID and physical education. Wilhelm is expanding his interests as he gets involved in making his own podcast.

During the pandemic, Wilhelm was inspired by a sports talk show, hosted by the head coach of the Golden State Warriors, Steve Kerr, and the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, Pete Carroll. Wilhelm decided to start up his own podcast.

“Kerr and Carroll started a coaches corner podcast called “Flying coach,” which got more in depth than what you see on KFYR,” said Wilhelm. 

On Flying Coach, the conversations about sports and coaching made Wilhelm want to hear from even more coaches from around North Dakota. 

Wilhelm wants to use this platform to gain knowledge and hear from other coaches so he can better himself as a coach. He has a growth mindset with this podcast.

“Honestly, I don’t have any expectations with this, selfishly I want to hear from coaches that know more than me, I want to have those conversations myself,” Wilhelm said “As of now I have no expectations, I want to hear from all the sport figures and coaches from all around the state.” 

Wilhelm wants to attract people from across the state and people who have a passion for sports with his podcast.

“It’s fun for me to walk into a gym with 1,500 plus people whom I may not recognise, this shows that there are community members from around the area that just like watching sports for sports, I think that there will be an interest from people around the state, hearing on sports figures,” Wilhelm said.

Wilhelms goal is to release a podcast two-three times a month with his podcast. It is a big time commitment with scheduling people.

“My initial goal was to release every week, but now the goal is two-three times a month. Here at the beginning I want to start hosting coaches that are in season with different sports,” Wilhelm said.

Wilhelm’s goal for his podcast is to give players and coaches a platform to talk about why they do what they do. 

“The main goal of it is to give coaches and athletes a platform to talk about why they do what they do, coaches go through a lot of stress and a lot of adversity for not a lot of pay,” Wilhelm said. “There is very specific reasons coaches do what they do, I am giving them this platform to talk about it. I am very passionate about this.” 

He was initially going to start this podcast alone, but then he wanted to extend his viewerbase so he contacted PSP Network.

“I reached out to Nick Hulberg,” Wilhelm said. “I respect him a lot as a guy, I also knew that if I need to get this to a bigger audience he would be the guy, we have got it off to a good start.”


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