Pink plans

To spread awareness, Bismarck High School Student Council plans a day to support those who are battling breast cancer or have in the past.


Student Council has scheduled Pink Day on October 25, as it is during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and is dedicated to the many patients that are going through breast cancer. The members run and plan Pink Day to get students thinking about why they wear pink. 

“It’ll feel like a support, and patients will know that people care and are willing to take time for them,” Bismarck High School counselor Karmen Wahl said. 

The BHS versus CHS volleyball game is historically a big night for breast cancer awareness to show solidarity and support. Pink Day has become a tradition at BHS to show the teachers at Bismarck High School and community members that have struggled with breast cancer that the students care.

“I think almost everybody knows someone who has had or has breast cancer. It shows support and brings awareness because unfortunately, it is a common thing that many people battle,” BHS Student Council Member Hayley Gienger said.

Student Council will sell Shirley Temples during all lunch periods. There will also be pink hair extensions, and pink hair spray dye sold after school, and before the Bismarck versus Century game. Along with selling things to raise money, there will also be papers for students to fill out asking why they wear pink, and who it is for. 

“We thought we could bring more awareness if we do it as a school event as well,” Gienger said.

The students brought about the idea because many are very passionate about showing support, and it is for a great cause. Last year was the first year that Bismarck High School decided to make it a school event, but did not have any money going towards patients. Student council now donates the money earned to Pink It Forward. 

“We feel strongly about it because it is to raise money for breast cancer patients. Pink it forward has helped us with things at Bismarck High in the past, so we want to pay it forward and help,” Wahl said.