Halloween Ends: A Magnum Opus or a mediocre finale


Jeremiah Jeno, Writer

Set four years after the second film of the new Halloween trilogy reboot (which was kicked off with the amazing return of Michael Myers in 2018’s Halloween), Halloween Kills, and now Halloween Ends comes the promised finale since the amazing reception of 2018’s return to form.

Just like the first two movies, Jamie Lee Curtis returns as Laurie Strode along with Andi Matichak as Allyson Nelson, Laurie’s granddaughter. 

Lee Curtis and Nelson were not the only returning characters from the last two movies, with the foreboding figure of James Jude Courtney back as the evil masked killer Michael Myers. 

Unfortunately, without headlining into too many spoilers, Michael Myers is sidelined for series newcomer Rohan Campbell as Corey Cunningham in this finale until the third act, where the promised finale of the series unfolds. 

Although Michael is not the main focus of this last movie, Michael’s legacy definitely lives on inside this film and it delivers the same kind of movie Halloween fans have come to expect from this new trilogy. 

On the other hand, while delivering and hitting all the beats fans have found necessary to come with these movies, it also fumbles hard on the amazing reputation and the return to its roots of 2018’s Halloween and avoiding the over the top reputation earned by 2021’s Halloween Kills. 

If you were coming into this film expecting the type of movie shown in the trailers, you are going to be very disappointed.


Spoiler Territory / Synopsis

The film rolls out to almost two hours, at one hour and 50 minutes. Largely most of the screentime falls onto Campbells shoulders, who as an actor definitely delivers the best he was able to work with. Campbell was thrust into the main protagonist role of this film and played a very convincing damaged character, one compared to Michael Myers as this film tries but almost forgets about its message of what makes a monster as Campbell’s character is shoved into the headlights by society as a freak.

The reason for such a poor hand within society comes from an accident which happened during the events of Halloween 2019, where Corey was babysitting a kid and indirectly pushed him off the third story. That scene also made up the beginning of the film, one of the only memorable scenes within the whole movie.

Campbell and Matichak must also navigate through a long, yet breakneck hour and a half with an almost forced love story between Corey Cunningham and Allyson Nelson. With many of the moments in the film feeling rushed and undeserved, as if someone knew they needed to hit these beats without knowing the correct way to get there. In the words of YouTube movie reviewer Jeremy Jahn’s, “This movie feels like it’s two very unrelated films crammed into one.”

Like Michael Myers, Lee Curtis also takes sort of a backseat within the film, only not so much as she did in Halloween Kills.

Laurie Strode serves more as a catalyst of many of the events within the film, as she was the one that convinced Allyson to get together with Corey, the one that convinced Corey to slash his bullies tires and the one who saw Corey’s similarities to Michael.

Along with the younger cast Laurie Strode and Deputy Hawkins, played by Will Patton, also have many interactions in the film and heavy romantic undertones within them. The bond and relationship between the two are far more convincing and feel more natural than that of Corey and Allyson.

After many long scenes between Corey and Allyson they go out to a party which ultimately ends with Corey being thrown over a bridge and stumbling upon Michael’s secret hideout in the sewers.

Within this chance meeting, Michael somehow is able to stare into Corey’s soul and almost imprint on him, showing him images of his past and of all the bad things he’s done.

Escaping the lions den Corey commits his first true violent act on a crazy homeless man that knew of Michael in the sewers.

After many apologies and more romantic development between Corey and Allyson, Laurie gets more and more suspicious of him. Her suspicions are proven true as after a chance encounter he lures Allyson’s Ex down to the sewer that Michael is hiding in.

Corey then sets his sights on Allyson’s boss who overlooked her for a promotion and the nurse that actually got it. Corey commits the act along with the help of Michael Myers in sort of a mentorship program for monsters, cementing himself as the villain.

Laurie is finally convinced of Corey’s descent and tells him to stay away from Allyson. After she leaves, Corey says the adolescent vow of “If I can’t have her, then no one can.” 


Halloween Ends

In the last 45 minutes of the movie October 31st finally comes around and Corey, who was compared many times to Michael, finally plays into the role set out for him by society. 

Fighting and eventually getting the upper hand against Michael Myers, Corey turns on his mentor and steals the iconic mask to go on a rampage of his own against his aforementioned bullies.

In the last half of the third act, Corey’s final stop on his rampage is the house of Laurie Strode who’s paranoia-filled training since 1978 allows her to easily outsmart and overcome Corey who finally meets his end.

Following Corey, the evil which is Michael Myers finally returns to his own movie for the prophesied showdown between him and Laurie Strode.

This is easily the greatest highlight of the film, promised all the way back in 2018’s first promotional material and which really leant into the unknown of “Halloween Ends” being Jamie Lee Curtis’s final outing as the iconic Final Girl, Laurie Strode.

It is a long and honestly thrilling duel between Strode and the Shape, not knowing who or if both of them would be leaving the film early. The fight destroys Laurie’s kitchen which she utilizes by trapping Michael and using many kitchen appliances to keep him down. The fight ultimately results in the death of an icon and horror movie legend, Michael Myers.

Halloween Ends has been criticized by many for focusing too much on the newer and younger generation of cast instead of what was portrayed in the promotional material. While we eventually did get the promised fight, it felt drowned out by the slog that is the first hour and a half.

This however only boils down to everyone’s own opinion, while I do believe that the film could have been way better than what we got I also left it feeling satisfied with how it ended.

This by no means should be a proper influence on anyone’s opinion, I greatly encourage everyone to watch Halloween Ends before deciding their thoughts on the manor. A high schooler is not the be all and end all of movie reviews.


I give Halloween Ends a solid 2.5/5. It was not the worst thing I have ever seen but nothing but the beginning and the ending left an impression on me.