Candy corn can quit

Candy corn is the staple of many Halloween trick-or-treat bags. It is time to give candy corn a break and give something else a chance to be the focal point.


Candy corn has been around since the 1800s and was created by a man named George Renninger. This candy was initially called chicken feed. 

Candy corn is not a typical candy, considering that it is made out of wax. Candy corn is made from a mix of sugar, corn syrup, water, and carnauba wax. Candy corn was made to replicate corn and taste like vanilla. Let us be honest, it really just tastes like you’re eating wax. 

Candy corn is nothing but flavorless edible wax. Candy corn is said to be a Halloween candy tradition, but it is really just like a pest that will not go away. It may be aesthetically pleasing, but the pleasantries end there.  

Candy corn is not necessarily hated for its flavor, it is also just a topic that people love to argue about. Whether they love it or hate it, it is bound to become a controversial subject. 

People are getting pretty creative with what they use candy corn for. In my opinion, the only thing candy corn should be used for is decoration. Candy corn should only be used to spice up your space, and not to eat. This candy is being added to cakes and other sweet treats like cookies and Rice Krispie treats. 

Companies have created other unappetizing flavors such as maple, smores, pie, and Sour Patch Kids candy corn. 

It seems like every year on Halloween, many houses will dump loads of candy corn into kids’ trick-or-treat bags. I think it is time for candy corn to retire, let us take a break from this wax-flavored treat and move on to something better.