Do not hurt books

Books are meant to be read without the encroachment of their condition.


Jordyn Pierce, writer

Ever since the dawn of time people have been reading and writing books. Throughout the years of technology enhancing and increasing, more people have turned to technology instead of working their brains and reading. 

For the past 4000 years, people have been ruining their books, whether it be annotating in the form of writing on the pages or even dog-earring the corners. These types of things are extremely nauseating. 

Some people think that it is okay to write in books, which is understandable. It helps you remember a life lesson, or it brings out such strong emotions that you either want to re-read it over and over, or else you want to share it with others that read that book after. As long as you don’t write in books that are not yours, it is okay, right?

“Most of the time people don’t write anything meaningful or helpful in the book so it just ends up being distracting. Books are for reading and not writing,” a fellow BHS student said. 

Another thing that some people do to ruin their books is dog-earing the pages. But why would you not, one, either put a sticky note in the page, and if you do not have sticky notes, just remember the page number until you do have them?

There are plenty of people that do not care, but it ruins the integrity of the book. And let us be honest, dog-earing the pages of a book may make the book  look well read, or well loved, but in all reality, there is no doubt that that book was only read once and put on a shelf never to be read again. 

Another thing that makes people upset is the fact that some people, while reading, bend the front of the book cover as if they are reading a magazine. First of all, it looks wrong, and second of all, it is wrong. 

Overall, writing in books along with dog-earring books make people feel uncomfortable. It is morally wrong and makes the books just look out of place.