Gas up or gas down?

This school year’s newest trend, Gas app, has gathered some questions on whether it is safe for students.


Gas is an app that recently gained popularity in schools because its main selling point is to see who likes you, and “gas” up your friends. 

This app is said to be a positive place where you can vote for your classmates on specific topics. When teens download the app, they choose their school and enter their name to begin adding friends and answering polls.  

“I like it because it feels nice to be recognized for things from my peers,” BHS sophomore Riley Kummer said. 

Not long after the app began getting attention, rumors spread. Allegations were formed, causing the app users to fear for their safety. A rumor that originated on Snapchat stated that the app was being used for human trafficking because the app asks for the user’s location to find their school. 

“I think the amount of personal information the app collects is a little unsettling in ways, as you don’t technically need that much information,” BHS sophomore Maisie Addison said.

The developers have responded to these concerns and claim that there are “absolutely no reports of Gas being linked to any form of trafficking,” In response to the negative reviews that the app received, they say that they have “worked very hard to make Gas a safe and private experience for classmates to compliment each other.”

“I think the rumors could be true, as they could with all apps but I don’t think it’s affecting as many people as people claim,” Addison said. 

Allegations aside, the Gas app has the potential to be a positive place that will uplift students and give them a chance to compliment their classmates. 

“I think that for some people it has opened their eyes to seeing that they are worth more to their peers than they thought,” Addison said. “But I also think it can take a mental toll on how people view themselves, they should continue using it if they find more fun in it than comparing.” 

The app is not meant to create harm, but with students doing the polls and voting for other students, drama is bound to ensue. There are many reviews from app users saying that this app could create a toxic environment.

“I definitely think this app could create drama,” Addison said. “but as long as people look at it as a fun app made to boost your views on people and yourself it won’t create much of a problem.”