Taylor Swift ranking and review

With Taylor Swift announcing her Eras Tour, it is only right to listen to all her albums, old and new.

1. Folklore

Folklore tells the story of the teenage love triangle between August, Betty, and James. It is the only album where there is truly no skips.

Best of the album: “betty,” “peace,” “invisible strings,” “the 1” and “illicit affairs.”

Least favorite of the album: There is absolutely no skips on Folklore. 

“Don’t call me ‘kid’”

“Don’t call me ‘baby’”

“Look at this idiotic fool that you made me”

Lyrics from: “illicit affairs.”

2. Red (Taylor’s version)

Red (Taylor’s version) was a rerecording of the original Red 2012. Consists of  30 songs, 14 of them being released “from the vault,” meaning that they were never before seen.

Best of the album: “Holy Ground,” “The Lucky One,” “Sad Beautiful Tragic,” “Begin Again,” “Better Man,”  “All Too Well (10 minute version)”  and “I Bet You Think About Me.”

Least favorite on the album: “I Knew You Were Trouble.” 

“And you call me up just to break me like a promise”

“So casually cruel in the name of being honest”

Lyrics from: “All Too Well.”

3. Fearless (Taylor’s version)

Fearless (Taylor’s version) is a coming of age album about the men in Taylor’s life during her teenage years and early twenties. It has some really good songs about not letting her ex back into her life and how hurt and upset she was. 

Best of the album: “White Horse,” “You Belong With Me,” “Untouchable,” “Mr. Perfectly Fine,” and “The Way I Loved You.”

Least favorite on the album: “Don’t you.” 

“But I miss screaming and crying and kissing in the rain”

“And it’s 2:00 a.m. and I’m cursing your name”

“So in love that you act insane”

“And that’s the way I loved you”

“Breakin’ down and coming undone”

Lyrics from: “The Way I Loved You.”

4. Midnights

Midnights hit number one on the Billboard Chart 3 times in a row. The album tells the story of the most memorable nights of her life, including stories spanning throughout her entire life, not just a couple years like her other albums.

Best of the album: “Paris,” “Question…?” And “Bejeweled.”

Least favorite on the album: “Dear Reader.”

“Romance is not dead” 

“If you keep it just yours”

Lyrics from: “Paris.”

5. evermore

A surprise album released in 2020 that was number one on the billboard in more than ten countries. Most people, including Swift herself, consider it to be the sister album to folklore. It was heavily influenced by her feelings and experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, while still including songs about previous experiences of hers. 

Best of the album: “champagne problems,” “long story short” and “happiness.”

Least favorite on the album: “cowboy like me.”

“There’ll be happiness after you”

“But there was happiness because of you”

“Both of these things can be true”

“There is happiness”

“Past the blood and bruise”

“Past the curses and cries”

Lyrics from: “Happiness.”

6. Lover

Lover is a good ode to Taylor Swift’s older and more cheery, upbeat albums while also being completely different from anything she had published at the time. The album would be way higher on the ranking if it were not for “ME!” and “You Need To Calm Down,” although “ME! (acoustic version)” would be good.  

Best of the album: “Death By A Thousand Cuts,” “Lover,” “Paper Rings” and “Daylight.”

Least favorite on the album: “ME!” and “You Need To Calm Down.”

“But if the story’s over”

“Why am I still writing pages?”

“Cause saying goodbye is death by a thousand cuts”

“Flashbacks waking me up”

“I get drunk, but it’s not enough”

“Cause the morning comes and you’re not my baby”

Lyrics from: “Death By A Thousand Cuts.”

7. Speak Now

Speak Now was the third album for Swift to publish and was written about her transition from being a young, teenage girl, to an adult. It tells the love stories of her young adulthood, while also relating to the struggles she had with her public image at the time. Speak now has some amazing songs, but there just were not enough of them to put it higher on the list. 

Best of the album: “Enchanted,” “Mean,” “Dear John” and “Mine.”

Least favorite on the album: “Haunted – Acoustic Version.”

“You paint me blue sky”

“Then go back and turn it to rain”

“And I lived in your chess game”

“But you changed the rules every day”

Lyrics from: “Dear John.”

8. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, her debut album, has some incredible songs and a lot of people miss the older, more country and upbeat Taylor. This is one of two albums she plans to re-record and release, and if the re-recording does not have the accent, many fans do not want it. 

Best of the album: “Our Song,” “Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)” and “Picture To Burn.”

Least favorite on the album: “Invisible.”

“And if you’re missing me”

“You’d better keep it to yourself”

“‘Cause coming back around here”

“Would be bad for your health”

“‘Cause I hate that stupid old pickup truck”

“You never let me drive”

– “Picture To Burn”

9. 1989

Released in 2014, Swift’s fifth studio album, 1989 is seen as the album that differentiates “old Taylor” from “new Taylor.” It was the debut album for Taylor’s pop music career.

Best of the album: “Blank Space,” “How You Get The Girl” and “Clean.”

Least favorites of the album: “I Know Places.”

“And then, you said”

“I want you for the worse or for better”

“I would wait forever and ever”

“Broke your heart, I’ll put it back together”

“I would wait forever and ever”

Lyrics from: ”How You Get The Girl.”

10. reputation

Reputation seems to be the one album where Taylor Swift fans severely disagree. Fans seem to either love it or hate it, and not many people seem to be in between. Although there are a couple good songs on the album, the vibe for most of the album just does not have the vibe all the other albums possess. 

Best of the album: “Getaway Car” and “New Year’s Day.” 

Least favorite on the album: “Dancing With Our Hands Tied,” “…Ready For It?” And “Call It What You Want.”

“Hold on to the memories”

“They will hold on to you”

“And I will hold on to you”

“Please don’t ever become a stranger”

“Whose laugh I could recognize anywhere”

Lyrics from: “New Year’s Day.”

Overall, Taylor Swift is one of, if not the best musician of all time and all of her albums are lovely and would be listed at number one if that was an option. Taylor Swift once said “people haven’t always been there for me but music always has,” so please do not send hate to anyone for their opinions. Please vote for your favorite Taylor Swift album below.

What is the best Taylor Swift album?


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