Meet me at midnight

Taylor Swift recently released a new album that is quickly rising to the top of the charts.


Taylor Swift, a 32 year old singer/songwriter released her new album Midnights on October 21, 2022. The 13 songs in her album were released at midnight but brought some surprise when she released seven bonus tracks at 3 a.m.

The album as a whole is a wonderful mix of emotions as she sings about insecurities in “Anti-Hero” and strong bonds in “Lavender Haze.”

The album welcomes another artist in the song “Snow On The Beach,” which features Lana Del Rey. The song describes a love that feels unnatural and almost impossible to maintain. They repeat the lyric “flying in a dream” and how “weird but beautiful” their love is, like snow on the beach.

Out of all the albums that Taylor has released, each one is different from the one before. The album Midnights can be compared to a wrap-up of all of the albums as every song gives a feeling of her previous work.  

Even though each song could be at the top of the list, this is the top ten songs in the album:

1. “You’re On Your Own, Kid”

2. “Bigger Than The Whole Sky”

3. “Midnight Rain” 

4. “Snow On The Beach” 

5. “Bejeweled”

6. “Sweet Nothing”

7. “Maroon” 

8. “Anti-Hero”

9. “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” 

10. “Question…?” 

Opinions may change over time, but this album was a beautiful way of telling the stories of life. Overall, my ranking of the album is four out of five stars.