Marvel over DC anyday

Most people know about the controversy between the Marvel and DC cinematic universes, but Marvel is definitely better.


Jordyn Pierce, writer

Before 2017, I was never introduced to the huge cinematic universes of Marvel and DC. The first superhero movie my dad took me to was a Marvel movie, and they set the standards pretty high for all other action and superhero movies I would come to watch. 

Marvel and DC are both talked about extremely often nowadays, and they both worked hard for this spot in society. There is a big idea that out of the two cinematic universes, you can only like one. This is not true, but everyone obviously has their preferences. Mine just so happens to be Marvel. 

Marvel has made some pretty incredible superheroes. Some of the most popular include Iron-Man, who is incredibly smart and made his own technology to defeat the threats on earth, Captain America, who has unbelievable strength and Thor, who is the only one worthy enough to lift Mjolnir, although there are many other well known characters. DC has also made some interesting superheroes, Superman being one. He can fly and has extreme strength. Then, they have made Batman whose gifts are inducing fear and superhuman reflexes. They also have made other note-worthy superheroes such as Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, and more. 

Your preference between the two universes probably depends on which you were raised on. For me, Marvel has the higher quality special effects and the more relatable characters. Many of the characters in the Marvel universe are human with no special abilities except things they have made themselves. 

The first time I watched a DC movie, it was tough to follow what was happening because I had no idea what was going on. The backstories were unclear to me and it was overall super confusing. This was also what happened the first time I watched a Marvel movie, but Marvel hooked me in and made me want to know more about those characters, so I ended up watching every Marvel movie, in order. Although Marvel movies are, in my opinion, better, they are kind of going in the quantity over quality route right now. For the past few years they have been on a downward spiral, and just keep making movies and tv shows that they could have gone without, when they should focus more on making better movies, rather than more movies. They are focusing more on making more money, rather than making really good movies or tv shows.

Overall, the Marvel cinematic universe is better than the DC universe because they are the most impactful in my life and on others as well.