Treasuring traditions

The holidays are a time for many to reconnect with family and friends and spread a little more love. 


Many do not think of the things they do with family and friends around the holidays as traditions, but getting rid of them could give the holidays a completely different feeling. 

These traditions are important as they bring people together to spread joy and kindness throughout the cold winter season. 

Memories can not be forgotten, the holidays being a large part of that. All families celebrate the holidays differently, whether it is the movies they watch to get into the holiday spirit, the sweet treats they bake together or the twinkling lights put up on many houses. 

Traditions are typically passed down through many generations and help children connect with those that came before them. Creating the repetition of things to do each year can keep a family’s bond going. The trend of tradition in a family can strengthen the trust between members and give a sense of normality as it is something that they can count on happening each year. 

With the stress and costs of preparing a holiday dinner and the gifts that are given, the holidays can easily become overwhelming. Traditions can give families something to look forward to in the blur of holiday stress. Holiday stress can often cause people to forget about the joy of the holiday season and what they are grateful to have. Pausing for a moment and remembering how special it is to be able to spend time with loved ones can help put things into perspective, and remind others what the holidays are truly about. 

For those that do not feel like their families have many holiday traditions, spreading joy to others is a great way to start. Little things like making Christmas cards to send to loved ones that are not able to be there this holiday season, or simply giving a warm smile to others can make a difference in someone else’s life. Volunteering or donating are two other great ways to spread joy during the holidays. Helping out someone else can add happiness to their life and yours as well as making a wonderful holiday tradition to do as a family.

Mental health can improve drastically when spending time with others. The holidays are a perfect time to rekindle relationships and make precious memories that will last a lifetime. Being with family and loved ones as well as continuing traditions can bring comfort and help with communication, leading to improved mental health. Being present and having face-to-face conversations can encourage positive emotions. 

Holiday traditions whether they are large or small have a special place in many hearts. It is not about the big gifts that someone may receive or a large family vacation that matters. What matters is families coming together to share moments and create memories that will last for years to come. Next time the question of whether or not a tradition should continue is brought up, remember the merry memories that they once brought and try to embrace them.