The gap between the holidays and summer

The joy of the holidays has come to an end, leading to the feeling of having nothing to look forward to.


The time between the holidays and summer often bring mental health to a halt, causing seasonal depression or feelings of loneliness. 

Winter months, with the cold, short days can feel long and draining. It can be difficult to find joy in times with little light and fewer outdoor activities to enjoy. 

Frigid temperatures throughout the months before spring have a tendency to bring out those little things that bring us down. What many do not know, is why this happens. 

The exact name for this seasonal funk is seasonal affective disorder (SAD), caused by a change in the weather. Usually beginning in the winter months and ending in the spring, this disorder causes low energy and concentration struggles. 

Feeling tired in the winter months with shorter days and longer nights is not uncommon, anyone going through this is not alone if they are feeling down and need something to boost their spirits. 

There is not always a quick fix that can easily make these emotions go away. There are many ways to make the months go by a little faster and days easier to get through. SAD affects around 10 percent of the US population. 

If the weather is decent, spending time outside is a great way to get some sun that will increase the body’s intake of vitamin D, helping with mood regulation. Going for a walk outside combines the benefits of sun, while increasing physical activity to release endorphins.

It may seem simple, but staying hydrated and eating enough results in a nourished body and helps with fatigue. Another form of treatment is letting in a little light. Natural indoor lighting can increase the body’s vitamin D when getting outside is not possible. 

Spending time with friends and family can help get any pent-up emotions out and help with feelings of loneliness. Finding someone that is trusted and easy to talk to is a simple but effective resource for anyone that is struggling with seasonal depression. 

The holidays may have brought excitement to many and kept everyone positive, but those days coming to an end does not mean that there are not any other things to look forward to. Focus on the things that create positivity and bring peace. 

Everyone needs to remember that there are only four months until school is over and the sun will be shining throughout the day. It may seem long now, but the days will go by fast, bringing on the joys of summer.