“New year, new me”

Thijs Wynveen, Writer

It is very common to make a new years resolution- a goal someone has set for oneself to begin at the beginning of a new year. For example, people may have their New Year’s resolution be to workout every day, eat out less, stay healthier, spend more time with family and friends or limit screen time. These are just some of the many resolutions that people use. 

But most people do not complete their resolutions, it seems like most people hang onto them for a few weeks, or at most a few months. It takes dedication to improve oneself and complete their goals. Some people either get lazy or some people just forget about them. if a person makes a goal to improve oneself, then they should follow through with it instead of forgetting about it a few weeks later.

Less than eight percent of people actually complete their New Year’s resolutions, yet millions of people set goals for themselves with high hopes for a better year ahead. People continue to make the excuses of having a lack of motivation, or a lack of time and resources.

If someone makes a goal for oneself and the new year, they should not take it lightly, and chase it and do all they can to complete it. One of the many ways someone can do this is by having an organized schedule on when they can check in on their goal. They can also limit themselves to things, for example, if they want to be on a diet, they could limit themselves to junk food and fast food.

If someone wants to change their life around, They should not wait until the beginning of a New Year. They should just make the change in their lives at that moment or in the near future. The reason they might now is because of a lack  of motivation. The motivation seems to be there, but the moment that life goes downhill or an issue pops up in life, people seem to “take a day off” of their resolutions. 43 percent of all people fail their resolutions in the first month of the new year, according to Insideoutmastery.com. 

This is an issue simply in response to the lack of discipline and motivation people have. But that is what makes it fun to accomplish, if someone can just push through and overcome their obstacles, they can complete their goals, and there is no better feeling.