Why humans change their minds faster than lightning

Humans, especially teenagers, change their minds at the speed of light due to the pressure to make the right decision.


Kadence Glasser, Writer

Humans have a tendency to switch ideas frequently. In some cases, they form an opinion or idea based on the general information given. Thoughts on a situation can change through the simple art of persuasion. 

Others’ thoughts on a situation can switch due to the information given by someone else. This can show the importance of research when switching opinions. 

Everyone has their own values that they want to stick to but changing views on something can be beneficial. In order to grow as a person, humans need to change their minds. Someone changing their mind can cleanse the brain and bring on healthier and happier emotions once the final decision is made. 

New perspectives can create new possibilities. Being indecisive can make finding a final choice difficult because of the outcomes that are brought on by those choices. Weighing out the pros and cons of the situation, and taking time to see the emotions created by each of the options can help formulate the best one possible. 

According to Healthline, people change their minds for two reasons. A common reason is informational influences. The social influence that comes from information given can change an opinion, take an original decision, and alter it to come up with the most accurate thought. 

The second common reason is normative influence. This type of choice is not always based on fact. These types of changes are because of pressure to have a mindset that fits with a group’s beliefs. For example, the trends that circulate on social media.

Many do not always purchase Stanley cups or Hydroflasks because they have done their research and found that it is the best on the market. Lululemon is not always purchased because of its fantastic quality, but more for its popularity. People commonly purchase or do something because others are recommending it. 

Switching between trends, changing clothing styles or music taste can all show how often people change their minds in day-to-day life. Changing opinions can introduce positivity to a person’s life as they choose what they want to do or believe. 

It is a natural and normal thing for an individual to change their mind. It is an understandable thing. There are lots happening in the world, causing more to go on in the brain. What someone likes and does not like is ultimately going to change someone’s opinion the most. 

Quickly believing what everyone else believes or jumping back and forth between two opinions is not going to help in the long run. Pick what seems right at the moment after considering how that choice feels, and grow new views as life changes.