How to behave at student sections

There are many ways to show demon pride, one of the many being sporting events, although lately BHS’ student section has been lacking lately.

Showing up and supporting demon athletes at sporting events has been a tradition ever since the school has begun. Showing demon pride with participation in school themes and wearing maroon is always appreciated and is a good look at BHS.

Sporting events have been a part of BHS culture for years now, but recently the attendance has been on a decline. Not as many people are showing up as they usually do. It is important for the culture to go and support each other at sporting events, especially when there has been a decline in the success of BHS athletes.

The atmosphere at sporting events is unlike no other, as a packed stadium is invested toward one competitive match. In situations like this, it can be easy to react emotionally rather than rationally. Especially concerning high school sporting events, where there are usually personal connections to the players from the crowd. However, it is important to realize that players are just as human as the audience. Regarding high school matches, the players are just kids. As a fan, it is important to behave adequately. Cheering and not engaging in bad sportsmanship should be the expectation at events. 

BHS has a relatively large student section for events like homecoming, powder puff, and rival games against Century. Otherwise, it seems to be lacking. There have been games where there is simply not a student section at all.

Sporting events can be an exciting way to represent a school, but can easily become a place of conflict if the players are not treated appropriately. Players are not able to play to their best abilities with enough focus for the sport if there are distractions around them. As a guest or student at the game, it is important that people remember why they are there, and how their actions affect the team. Being distracting or disrespectful does nothing but harm both teams that are playing. The behavior of the spectators in the crowd not only represents them but can represent the team as well. Any behavior that takes away from the game and creates negativity can give the spectator and team a bad reputation. The reason people should go to games should be to enjoy the game and cheer on the team. Anything besides that should not be tolerated. 

If someone does not want to do something, no one will be able to make them. It is more of a decision whether or not that students or adults can have the right manners. Students that can not comprehend these appropriate manners during these school events should be taken to have a discussion with, and if still can not comprehend these skills should not be allowed into these school events that are not required. If it is an adult that cannot comprehend these manners then they should be expected to leave or be escorted out of the building till further notice. It is important to have fun at sporting events and show pride, but remember that ultimately it is the actions of the crowd also representing the team and their school.