Phone policy

BHS started a new phone policy where students are required to put their phones in pockets provided by the teachers.


Pockets for phones. Kids are required to put their phones in these pockets during class. Teachers have different opinions on whether it is effective or not. “Only if all the teachers are actually following it and I’m not sure that is happening,” BHS math teacher Shelly Wiedrich said.

Katie Volk, Writer

During class time, phones are expected at all times to be put away. BHS used to have a rule where students had to keep their phones in their lockers, since then BHS has changed the rule to where kids can carry their phones on them outside of the classroom.

Students are required to put their phones in pockets that are set in the classroom. BHS has always had an expectation that phones should be put away.

“The expectation is that you always don’t have your phones on in the classroom,” BHS assistant principal Lynette Johnson said.

Teachers were struggling with kids to put their phones away. The BHS administration decided to enforce the phone policy to make it easier for teachers.

“Some classes are really good about it and it also depends on the class.” BHS math teacher Shelly Wiedrich said. “I have more problems with the upperclassmen than the freshman.”

Kids are not the only ones who get distracted by phones. Adults also as well get distracted with their phones. 

“As an adult I can’t imagine being a kid and you know, I don’t get the amount of snapshots that you guys get, but I do get messages and buzzes and I actually turn off my phone because it would distract me in meetings, “ Johnson said. “I know that when I’m done with the meeting, I can take a look at it but I had to turn it off on my own.” 

Teachers have different ideas about the phone policy. Some teachers are stricter than others. 

“Teachers were concerned about the use and some teachers had a very strict policy and some are looser.” Johnson said. “We wanted it to be the same across the board.”

Safety has always been a priority at BHS. Students want to keep their phones on them in case of emergencies. 

“Sometimes when there is an issue when all the kids get on their phone, it clogs up the phone line, so the people that need to get information to 911 or law enforcement can’t receive it.” Johnson said. “So it’s actually better to not be on their phones.”

The policy is only enforced in class. Students are allowed to carry their phones on them out of class. 

“I don’t care what they do when they’re not in class, as long as they’re not trying to walk down the hall and stare at their phone and run into everybody,” Wiedrich said. “During class time, they don’t need to have it for those 50 minutes.”