A.I. needs to be regulated

A.I. is becoming more and more advanced day by day, and it needs to implement regulations.


Carson Braun, Writer

When it comes to artificial intelligence, there are many pros and cons. Many of the pros involve communication, virtual assistance, and just satisfaction in general. But with pros, there must be cons. Some cons involved in A.I. is that it can contribute to cyberbullying, and the fact that A.I. knows everything you do and search up on the internet.


With AI advancing day by day, apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok, who use an algorithm to target content and other users to users, allow people to talk to each other and share pictures and videos of themselves right through their phone. Many people, especially teens, use these apps, but the problem is that a lot of teens tend to use these apps in a negative way.. Many teens suffer from cyberbullying each year. With A.I. being as advanced as it is, teens are able to have full conversations with each other even if they are miles away. This gives teens the power to make fun of someone right through their phones no matter how close or how far they are away. 


Many teens who suffer from cyberbullying are met with a lot of stress and anxiety. With teens having this stress and anxiety laid on them from being bullied over time, while also being worried about school, it can lead to depression. Over 40 percent of teens suffer from depression each year. Many cases of depression lead to suicide. Over 5000 teens commit suicide each year. Another big problem with A.I. is that it knows everything you do and search on the internet. 


Many people like to argue that AI is helpful for the community. AI allows people to communicate better with each other far away or even close. AI also gives people a helping hand such as Google. The internet gives people knowledge and information about something they may have never heard about. With many teens being able to use the internet through highschool, it can give teens a helping hand to be able to get through a tough assignment or even look up information for a story. The problem is that teens use the internet in a negative way. Many teens tend to use the internet to cheat on tests, quizzes, and worksheets. With teens having the helping hand of A.I. Throughout highschool, it makes for four fun and easy years. 


A big helping hand for high schoolers is ChatGPT. ChatGPT is a site on the internet that allows anyone to have an essay in their hands within minutes. This can be seen as a helpful thing, but many teens were using it to cheat on tests and essays. This is one of the main reasons why A.I. needs to be regulated. There are so many websites and apps that allow students to have a huge advantage throughout high school. With A.I. having websites and apps that are already this advanced, and teen cyberbullying being one of the main reasons of suicide, nobody knows what it could become and that is why A.I. needs to be regulated.