Necessities of homework

Homework is always looked upon as unnecessary and a waste of time, but in reality it is beneficial for most students.


Carson Braun, Writer

Many students say homework is unnecessary while others say it can be helpful. There are many different ways to view homework, many students say they don’t need it and that it is unnecessary and way too time-consuming. While others say that homework benefits them and without it they would be failing. 

Many people say that homework is helpful because without it they would be failing. Students also claim that they are bad test takers which basically means they do good on the homework and then not too great on the test. A big reason for why homework can be helpful for students is that it keeps them engaged in what they are learning and allows them to work on stuff that will be on the test. Homework also helps students to have the information engraved into their brain, it also allows for more practice on what they are learning before a big test. According to the U.S. Department of Education, homework helps students develop good study habits and life skills. Without homework, a majority of students would be failing their classes, this is why homework is so beneficial.

On the other side of the argument students like to say that homework is unnecessary and that most of the time it interferes with their time to study for a big test. Another reason for homework being unnecessary is that it is very time-consuming, and many high school students struggle with finding time to get their homework done. Many high school students are involved in sports, and most of those sports do not end until 7 or 8 P.M. and with teachers assigning long homework to be done the next day, it can be very stressful. Especially with multiple homework assignments from different classes. 

Although there are quite a bit of cons to homework, there are so many more pros. A big reason why homework is so beneficial is that it gives teachers a look on how well the students  know the topic they are working on, it gives them a look on what they need to teach more, and what needs to be taught less. Homework also gives students the chance to learn problem solving skills as well as communication skills such as asking for help if needed and talking with partners about the work. Lastly, another big reason for why homework is necessary is that it sets students up for college and for their future careers. Though many students say homework is unnecessary because it is a waste of time, there are so many good outcomes with homework, and it is 100 percent necessary to be given out in school.