The beginning of the end

Once March hits, school begins to speed up and student motivation tends to slow down.


Overall, March through May seems to be the toughest time to get through school. It is when school begins to wind down, while still, somehow, keepings students busier than ever. With AP tests, competition, the ACT and graduation all happening during that very short period of time, it begins to not seem so short. This is the time when senioritis seems to hit the worst and when school begins to ramp it up the most. 

Students spend the whole year stressed, but once March hits, everything seems to speed up and go at a faster pace. Everything students are taught seems to be based off of things they already learned, and just built off of it. This means that students must remember what they did earlier in the year, even if it was a hard topic, and then continue to work on it. Whether that be simply bettering their understanding of it, or actually building off of it. 

March is when school begins to end, spring sports and events all have their competitions in March, April and May. Everyone seems to be more stressed during this time than the rest of the year. AP tests start coming up, along with graduation. People begin to get antsy about school finally ending after another long year and summer coming. The weather begins to get warmer, but students are still forced to attend school day after day. 

Once April hits, everything may seem like it is slowing down, but that is not true for kids who are taking AP classes or who may participate in those spring sports or extracurricular activities that are set around the spring. These students have to focus more than ever during spring, while still setting aside time for school, work, friends and family. It can be really hard to balance all of this. 

One way people tend to get over this slump is by doing their work or studying with their friends or peers, whether this be doing projects together or simply doing their separate homework in the same room while listening to music or watching a TV show. While that is a great way to accomplish a more motivated mindset, sometimes simply taking a break and going on a walk or taking a nap can be more beneficial for one’s mental health in the long run. The last three months of school is when everyone’s motivation just goes downhill, but once they are over, summer is here, and everyone likes summer.