Lockers, a thing of the past

Students are beginning to use lockers less and less every year, raising the question of whether or not they are needed.


Lockers are shown in movies as the typical hang out spot for high school students and are the best place to catch up with friends. Decorated to perfection, these are shown as part of the high school experience. 

Students typically use lockers to hold their belongings throughout the day and stop by between classes to collect their needed materials. The pros of using a locker seem to outweigh the cons, but students still seem uninterested in this resource. 

In schools now, students do not seem as interested in using lockers as they used to. The traffic in the halls mixed with the small amount of time between classes makes it difficult for students to take advantage of the extra space in lockers. 

At Bismarck High School, students are assigned lockers their freshman year and are free to use them for the school year. After their first year at BHS, students are able to utilize lockers, but they are not assigned. Students have the opportunity to ask for a locker if they feel as though they need one. Most students do not take advantage of this opportunity as it is difficult to use them throughout the day, and they do not need the extra storage. 

Students are now depending on backpacks and their cars to hold all of their possessions rather than using lockers. Certain subjects may require more supplies than others making it difficult to carry each thing around. To combat this issue, students are purchasing larger bags instead of using school lockers. 

Not worrying about grabbing books and binders from lockers makes getting to class easier. Students at BHS have four minutes between classes to get what they need and head to their next class. Depending on what floor their classes are on, running to a locker may not be attainable.

All students have felt the stress of memorizing a locker combination at least once in their lives along with the number of turns before trying to open the door. There are still times when students use lockers, whether it is to hold coats or sports gear. Even with students using them sporadically, they are not as efficient as they used to be. Time management is needed in order for students to make it to their classes on time, stopping at a locker does not always make the cut. 

Schools nationwide no longer require students to carry textbooks for each subject. Students now have many assignments digitally and do not need to carry around as much. Online textbooks eliminate the need for lockers in day to day use. 

As times change, the students change with them. Lockers may not be obsolete, but they are not an interest to students in most cases. The rise of technology has led to little to no need for lockers in schools.