The impacts of the MLB’s new pitch clock rule

The MLB has just recently implemented multiple new rules for the 2023 season, one being the pitch clock.


Carson Braun, Writer

The pitch clock’s main job is to speed the games up so that they are not spread out in such a long period of time. Players get 15 seconds to pitch the ball with no runners on and 20 seconds if runners are on. The clock starts when the pitcher catches the ball back from the catcher and the clock runs until the pitcher starts his delivery. For the batters, they must step in the box and be ready to hit with at least eight seconds left on the clock and are allowed one timeout per plate appearance. Lastly, pitchers are allowed two disengagements per batter. This includes either stepping off or attempting to pick off a runner. If a third disengagement is made, it results in a balk allowing every runner on base to advance forward a base. The disengagement count resets if a runner advances from a stolen base, balk, wild pitch, or passed ball.

With the pitch clock rule being introduced players are having to get used to faster-paced games. For many hitters and pitchers, before the pitch clock was introduced, some at-bats would span up to about 2 minutes which is a long time and adds up. With the pitch clock being added, at-bats are being reduced to only 1 minute long. Another thing to look at is the average game length without the pitch clock and with the pitch clock. Games without any pitch clock were shown to exceed three hours, and now with the pitch clock introduced, games take no longer than two and a half hours.

Many players and fans love the new pitch clock and agree it is a great addition to the game. They are also very satisfied with the length of the games, and having them not be so long. The pitch clock also helps to keep the fan base happy and satisfied with the games being filled with action and very little downtime. The pitch clock also keeps players engaged in the game because of the little time in between pitches. 

Other people are saying that the pitch clock is not a good addition for the MLB. Players and fans are saying that there is not enough time in between pitches, and it does not allow the pitcher or batter to take a moment to breathe if they are in a tough situation. 

Although there are some negatives to the pitch clock, there are many more positives to the rule, and it is having great success so far in the 2023 MLB season.