Art Exhibition

The Career Academy hosts an Art Exhibition show every spring.


Poster. One of the posters designed to advertise the event. “My classes will be submitting logo designs and t-shirt designs,” Meyer said. “It can vary from year to year, but it’s really just our way of being able to showcase what the kids have done in the year-long class we have.”

Kaden Boyer, Writer

The Art Exhibition is an art show that is hosted for high school students taking art classes at the Career Academy. The show will display pieces that students have been working on during class. 

Career Academy teacher Tim Meyer has his students present at the art show every year. It is his 8th year at the career academy.  

“We have the two areas up here, we have graphic design as one of our classes and our second one is digital art and photography. And obviously that class focuses a little bit more on photography, but I say just in general they focus on more fine art print-type stuff,” Meyer said. “The things that essentially the kids want to make for themselves whereas graphic design we do tend to focus a little bit heavy on customer driven designs. Making things specific for a customer is a little bit more of a focus on graphic design.”

The art show is recurring every year. It is an incentive for students to join who are interested in presenting their work for others to see. 

“Every year in the spring we have an art show where we showcase our work,” Meyer said. “Each class is a little bit different in terms of what they require submission for.”

Students work on their projects throughout the semester in order to prepare for it to be displayed. The month of May has only escalated these efforts as it falls in-line with the art show. 

“We talk about it an awful lot, that’s for sure,” Meyer said. “We’ve been using all of last week and all of this week to essentially get everything printed and displayed. And then we will go down and hang up all of our art by categories and then get it kind of organized for that viewing.”  

As the month of May begins to conclude, so does the school year. Students will move up a year and take new classes. While BHS specifically offers a wide variety of electives, the Career Academy offers enticing options for students. 

“Currently, our course is listed for sophomores and up, but I always encourage kids to come and try some classes at the Career Academy,” Meyer said. “I think it’s a really good way for kids to experience what a workplace environment is going to be like instead of school.” 

The structure of the Career Academy tends to differ from the traditional classroom setting. With a more hands-on-approach, this format can be a preferable option to students as it is similar to a real-world environment. 

“I think the things that just in general you see at the Career Academy are typically more hands-on, project-based type learning,” Meyer said. “But then I think that we do a pretty good job up here of showing kids what the industry is going to look like and giving them an opportunity to learn more about it before they have to spend any money in college.”