New records

BHS senior Katelyn Rath is graduating from BHS after breaking a previous throwing record that stood for 16 years.


Senior pose. Senior Katelyn Rath’s high school career is coming to a close. She credits her success to her coaches. “Our Demon throwing coaches are not just there to tell us what we do wrong or good,” Rath said. “They are some of the most supportive coaches you’ll see at BHS.”

It has been a record-breaking season for senior Katelyn Rath. She broke both the indoor and outdoor school records in girls shot put. On April 27, Rath threw 43’11”, crushing the previous record of 43’5.5” set by Eliza Neigum in 2007.
Rath comes from a family of throwers. Her dad and brother were both throwers and that is where her interest first was sparked.
“Ever since I learned how to throw and was coached by my family, I fell in love with the competition,” Rath said. “It is different from any other sport.”
Because of her older brother, Rath was introduced to the weight room early on. All winter long, Rath can be found in the weight room focusing on explosiveness with heavyweight.
“Mr. Fuller has been a huge part of my success in throwing,” Rath said. “Without his coaching and support in the weight room, I wouldn’t be as strong, or the thrower I am today.”
This off-season, Rath threw shot put and discus once a week with a Sanford Power program run by coaches from all three Bismarck public high schools.
“Training during the off-season helped me prioritize technique of my throws and made me strengthen some of the basics. It significantly improved my strength, quickness and explosiveness in my throws.” Rath said. “My training has also improved my mental aspects of throwing. It allowed me to get some bad throws out of the way and break some bad habits while also improving my mental toughness for competition.”
After her last high school season, Rath will not be done with track and field quite yet. She is planning on attending the University of North Dakota in the fall and competing for the Fighting Hawks.
“I’m super excited to meet up with former teammate Kaylynn Red Tomahawk and get to know my new coaches and teammates,” Rath said.
Her current coaches are proud of her success and her leadership among a talented throwing team. For 34 years in a row, at least one Demon girl has qualified for state, while boys throwers have competed at state for 47 consecutive years.
“Once our passion for the sport passes onto the kids, they begin to understand what it takes to be a successful thrower,” BHS throwing coach Randy Danielson said.
The success of the throwing teams continues to grow, as this season three girls have thrown over 120’ in discus for the first time in BHS history.
“A vast majority of kids in throwing are in other sports so they understand the level of commitment needed to compete at the highest level,” Danielson said.
The level of commitment Rath has poured into this sport has paid off. While she is preparing to say goodbye to her Bismarck throwing team, the record plaque should be here to stay.
“Demon throwing is very special to me, it means family. I have made many memories and love the support and quality of our team. We always support each other, celebrate our PR’s, and can hear our screams from across the field when we qualify,” Rath said. “We definitely have a close-knit group and it shows at meets and practices. I can definitely say that we have the best group of throwers and throwing program out of any school in Bismarck and surrounding.”