Spring showers over summer sunburns

Although summer seems to be superior in many people’s minds, spring comes with many good things like rain and flowers.


Many people seem to like summer more than spring, but spring is far superior. Summer is full of sunburns and sweaty weather, whereas spring is full of newborn animals and rainy days. The smell of rain holds a special place in a lot of hearts, whereas sun burns not so much. The flowers bloom and the trees turn green again, however, the summer temperatures tend to fry these same flowers. 

Summer is extremely humid and only ever tends to make people feel muggy and sweaty, while somehow, simultaneously being cold at night. During summer, everyone wants to go outside and enjoy the late nights students are allowed by the absence of school, but that tends to be a bit hard when it is cold enough to not wear a tank top, yet so warm that they are unable to wear a sweatshirt. It is a constant battle between sweating and getting the chills at night. 

Spring may have rain, but summer has mosquitoes, frizzy hair and allergies. Mosquitoes, along with other bugs, like spiders and ticks, are only created to cause people pain and suffering. Many people are terrified of spiders, mosquitoes bite you and make you itch for days on end and ticks crawl all over your body before attaching and becoming incredibly hard to get off. Summer, not only causes everyones hair to grow two sizes, but also makes it more knotty and harder to maintain. All the sweat from the warm weather and frizz from the humidity allows everyones hair to be more, “natural.” Allergies are amped up once summer hits due to the constant bonfires, increase in pollen and simply the fact most people begin to have more outside time.

During spring, school begins to slow down. The stress of new topics and overwhelmingly hard homework begins to melt away. School is easier and doing homework six out of seven days a week is no longer a necessity, simply homework one to two days a week and studying a little bit. 

Spring is simply better than summer because spring is not full of bugs, sunburns, sweat, and frizzy hair. There is no need to worry about being too hot or whether you can wear shorts or not.