Flower gardens

Flowers are something that make most people happy, so we should include them here at BHS.


Jordyn Pierce, writer

High school students tend to struggle with their mental health and flowers are something that can help improve it.
Having flower gardens here would help improve students’ mental health by reducing stress, improving hospitality skills and just creating a calm space for students and staff alike to go and just be.
The flower gardens will be out on the front lawn to spread positivity throughout the day to passerbyers. They will be in raised flower beds and we can include a multitude of different kinds to help create a bright and colorful garden for many people to enjoy.
Flowers would help students improve their outlook on nature’s beauty due to the fact that flowers are a small and easy way to enjoy life’s beauty as it comes.
Many people don’t always take time out of their days to focus on themselves and if we had flower gardens, it would create a calm space for students to do homework, study, or just hang out during off periods or lunch.
We all have our “spot” during lunch, off periods, before or after school and by adding a flower garden, it would create more space for the students who sadly are not included and they could find their people and have a good high school experience like everyone else.