Things to do during the Coronavirus

While people are stranded indoors, there are several things they can do to keep boredom at bay.


Lyndie Donner

Learning something new. Figuring out hobbies and passions is a perfect way of keeping someone busy while having a great time. Hobbies, such as cooking, leave everyone with a sense of accomplishment.


  • Many people do not know how to cook. Now, with extra time on everyone’s hands, it is the perfect opportunity to learn. There are hundreds of recipes for every dish in cookbooks online available to the public. This is a great example of an important life skill that has the ability to become an enjoyable hobby.



  • Some people do not enjoy dancing while others love it. It has been proven that dancing is a great way to reduce stress while helping to maintain fitness. It is also a way to learn something new.
Games during quarantine. Games are engaging and a great source of family fun. Board games and card games have been used for generations to keep families happy while staying together.


  • Another way to stay sane while staying away from the population is to pull out an old board game or play cards. With thousands of options, the whole family can sit around the kitchen table and have fun for hours without having to go anywhere.



  • Now that gyms are closed, most people are unable to gain access to proper gym equipment to use while working out. Instead, there are several online exercise sessions. Recently, there are many celebrities posting their own workouts online for viewers at home during this time.


Learning to Play an Instrument: 

  • While some have a passion for music, there are others who have no idea how to play. Although this one requires an instrument, there are lessons everywhere online for any type. Learning to play instruments is also great for the human brain, including improving memory and coordination.