Appreciation in a unique way

With the COVID-19 outbreak causing many seniors to wonder when their graduation will be, many people have taken to Facebook in an attempt to show their support. 


Recently, due to COVID-19, one of the major effects that has been seen in high schools is the fact that many seniors may never have the chance to have a proper graduation. It is as if they are trapped in a world of uncertainty, not knowing when life will return to normal. This has led to many different internet trends, such as the one that has appeared upon Facebook, where many people from older generations have been posting their own senior photos in appreciation.

Various people have taken part in this trend, causing it to spread quickly everywhere, even in Bismarck, North Dakota. While this form of posting is sourced from a place of appreciation and thoughtfulness, many seniors believe that it is rubbing it in their faces, showing that they had a normal graduation but the seniors of 2020 may not have one. There have been many Twitter posts upon this subject as well.

The main purpose of the trend is that everyone was once a senior in high school, so everyone remembers how it felt to be excited for graduation and to live out that senior year. However, that might not be something the seniors of 2020 may receive. The key takeaway from this debate is just the concept of perception. Some may view it as rubbing it in the face of the seniors of today, while others see it as a way to bring humanity closer together through memories. It is all a matter of point of view.