Economic strain of lockdown

While people are not at work, the economy is taking a toll.


With coronavirus numbers surging upward, it seems that this pandemic is causing dissent among voters in their respective parties. As voters prepare to take to the polls, many people are wondering how the election will be affected if the economy does not get up and running soon.

The economic crisis deriving from the coronavirus is raising unemployment, lowering oil prices and impairing the working-class Americans. Many Republican lawmakers are advocating for “reopening” America and pointing out that if we wait until all the coronavirus cases are gone, then the economy will completely collapse. On the other hand, Democrats are saying that while cases are rising the country should still be shut down. 

To help give relief to the Americans that work paycheck-to-paycheck, the U.S. Government sent out a stimulus check to hopefully keep people stabilized until further plans can be made about how to help people pay their bills. But this is not enough for the majority of working-class Americans. Many people with debts and bills to pay cannot sustain themselves, with many Americans only receiving 1,200 dollars.

People who also have jobs that cannot be done over the phone or online are also left wondering what to do. Americans like this need a deadline for when this lockdown will be over. Without one, how are they supposed to plan ahead or know when they can expect to be in business again?

Sweden is the outlier in the global pandemic. They are the only country that has not entirely shut down. They are still moving their economy further along. Many people who are in-between about who to support point to Sweden as an idea for America. Their government believes that if they can keep it open, the virus will die out and run out of victims to infect. This is a viable option for our country when it comes to comparing ourselves to other nations. In addition to the economic effects, there are also constitutional rights at risk. Ordering people to stay home is infringing upon peoples’ rights and freedoms. This is a cause of many protests. The rights of the people do not stop where the feelings of government officials start. The people want to get back to work and keep the unemployment low and the economy booming.

Americans can keep those who are vulnerable at home and save working-class jobs. The American small business is the backbone of America. Voters should not let unlawful stay-at-home orders and false protests be the reason for an economic and medical crisis due to coronavirus.