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Many athletes want to keep going with the sport they play during the school year, so they continue to play in the summer. As summer softball comes around, athletes and coaches are getting prepared.

Cameron Schmidt, Business Manager

Hitting. Sports are a place to show the skills players have worked on. Summer softball is a great way for the players to show off their new and improved skills. ¨Hitting is my favorite part of softball,¨ BHS fastpitch junior Paige Hanson said. ¨I feel that hitting in softball is my strength, it just gives you a good rush of energy when you get a good hit and all your teammates are cheering you on.”

Although summer softball takes up a lot of students, parents, and coaches time in the summer, it is something that brings everybody together. Right now is especially a good time for the summer season to continue. It is a getaway for a lot of players and creates a fun environment rather than competitive. 

With the coronavirus affecting many summer time sports, there needs to be a lot more precautions and rules put into place this summer. 

 ¨COVID-19 has affected the summer program drastically,¨ Grensteiner said. “It is difficult with scheduling and changing of our safety procedures. The summer program is also affected by not having a spring season. Normally players are at a very high level coming off of the high school season. This summer will be more of trying to refocus and get back to the basics, to our normal schedules, and lives.¨ 

Even though this season may be more stressful, especially for coaches, the summertime always gives players extra time to play, improve, and bond with their teammates and coaches. The extra time to play is a huge part of the summer season. Athletes have not had any playing time before the summer season starts like they normally would. 

¨We haven’t been able to play or practice at all this season, but I really hope we can have a summer season this year,” BHS fastpitch junior Paige Hanson said. “I miss softball. It’s weird not being able to play it. It’s a routine to have it every year, so without it, it feels almost incomplete.¨

Summer softball for many athletes and families becomes a yearly thing, even when athletes grow old, it is something that these athletes continue with their own families. 

“I’ve played for so many years and it’s been a part of my life for a long time. I couldn’t imagine my life without it and not being able to play it.¨ Hanson said. 

With all the negative things happening in the world, there are many positives that have come along with everything that has happened. Summer softball is a way to bring back positivity. 

¨The relationships with the athletes and their families is one of the most important bonds in the sports journey of success, ¨Grensteiner said. ¨It’s not really the wins and loses, it’s the bonds you created with the athletes and their families that are special and unforgettable.¨

The bonds that players share together are some of the most important, special and unforgettable parts of the softball season. It brings joy to many players and coaches.

¨The girls in the softball community are so fun to be around and I like making memories,¨ Hanson said. ¨The friendships are something that will last a lifetime.¨