Internet acting

With COVID-19 canceling various different events, the theatre students of Bismarck High School stay strong as they turn to a new form of acting – a virtual play.


_Virtual Complaint Department and Lemonade_ is the first virtual play to be performed in BHS. It proposes many changes to the students. “We can still create and have a fun time even if we aren’t physically together,” BHS senior Ethan Pedersen said.

Izzy Parker, Entertainment editor

Large gatherings are something commonly avoided during the times of a pandemic. With stricter rules being put in place, many concerts and shows have been cancelled due to the fear of COVID-19 spreading. This has caused many school sports and arts to be canceled, including Bismarck High School’s spring play, Done to Death, along with the One Act Festival, where the cast of Defrosting Popsicles was meant to perform. 

However, despite the setback, the theatre department still pushed onward, as director Jennifer Bedard announced that Demon Drama would be doing something a little different this year, a virtual play titled Virtual Complaint Department and Lemonade. 

“I think the pandemic has definitely caused a falling out when it comes to performing at Bismarck High. This wasn’t how I thought the end of my senior year would result in, however, my fellow seniors and I have had to compromise,” BHS senior Ethan Pedersen said. 

The virtual play consists of a cast built up of mostly seniors, while also having some underclassmen as well. The show itself allows the seniors to have one last go at the theatrical scene before they head off to college or the workplace.

“For seniors, it would have been our last spring play at BHS and our last experience in BHS theatre. Plus, we were really excited to use the beautiful new auditorium,” BHS senior Callie Stonecipher said. 

The virtual play revolves around various different characters popping  on the screen in order to file their complaints. This is a whole new experience that comes with a lot of challenges, including how to format Google Meets in order to fit a play setting. While this may be the last high school theatrical event for seniors, some plan to continue in college. 

“I may look into local community theatre options to continue performing. I don’t want my performances in high school to be the last I do.” Stonecipher said. 

While COVID-19 may have put a damper to many different school events all across the world, the drama department in Bismarck High School still pushes onward, with Virtual Complaint Department and Lemonade being uploaded for 48 hours for everyone to see. 

“Even though we’re not performing together in person, we can still do something that is well worthwhile for an audience behind a screen.” Pedersen said.