Benefits of joining the school paper

Despite the rise of technology and the bigger-than-ever risk of Covid-19, there are still benefits to joining a school newspaper.

The school paper is outdated. It is irrelevant and useless. At least, that is what some people might say about it. In this digital age of social media sharing and new avenues of communication, the appeal to having a school paper may seem pointless. After all, what is the point when most of the news has already been captured by cell phones and put online for all to see? Though there may be some validity to statements like these, school newspapers have always benefitted more than just the audience, and Bismarck High’s Hiherald is no exception.

Though it may be true that joining the newspaper requires extra work and time, the skills and opportunities earned by those on staff are worth every penny.

Despite the ever-advancing technology, the demand for writers and those with the skills to voice their opinions will always exist. Students who join the staff can and will learn how to convey their thoughts and ideas in a more professional way. Along with this, students will also learn the values of correct research and the dangers of misinformation, something that social media could never teach.

Besides the obvious benefits it provides to honing one’s writing skills, school papers give students a voice. It is more than just a way to forward information. It is a way for students to express themselves. Whether it is to voice their opinions, ideas or ideals, there is always a spot for those who choose to become more than just spectators. Why harbor complaints when becoming a participant who can make a difference is so easy?

Since working on the paper requires some time commitment, students will often become very familiar with the others on staff. Getting to know new people within the school and community is something that will come in handy in future professions, since there is not a job in the world that does not have to do with other people in one way or another.

Moreover, the people skills developed from interviewing sources can help students open up and become more outgoing. Self-confidence is something that seems hard to come by nowadays, and talking to new people for interviews provides the learning base for this. Besides that, the ability to strike and hold a conversation is often something that is sought after by many employers.

In addition to this, with tons of stories collected throughout the year, students are bound to have plenty of samples of their work to show potential schools or employers. This alone makes school newspapers a great extracurricular to take up.

Students have many options when it comes to job sections on the staff. Between writing, designing, photography and editing, there is a little something for everyone.

In other words, not only is having a school paper important, but the benefits that come with joining the staff are also more invaluable that they may first appear. With so many sections and jobs available on staff, it is not hard to see why the skills learned are so easily applicable to people’s personal and professional lives.

So even for those uninterested in pursuing a career in journalism, the skills and opportunities available are more invaluable than any online social media post. Improving writing skills, learning more about journalism and developing portfolio pieces are just some of the benefits that come with participating in a school paper. Any student, even those who may not know what they want to do, should consider joining the newspaper staff and see what it is all about.