A determined athlete and student

BHS senior Kenzie Moser Manages multiple varsity sports and still maintains good grades.


High heights. Kenzie Moser, number five, spikes the ball in a volleyball game against Legacy. One of Kenzie’s unique abilities is how high she can jump straight up, which allows her to have good hits that give the team points. “I love the feeling after hitting the ball and giving our team a point, especially when we need one.”

To be an athlete and a student can be a lot of work. To be a recognized athlete and also have a high grade point average can be even harder, but senior Kenzie Moser is one of these special students. 

Kenzie is on the volleyball team and has been starting varsity for two years. She has also been running varsity since her freshman year at Bismarck High School. Kenzie explains how she does everything with a busy schedule.

“I prioritize my schedule by knowing what’s the most important and making sure I get those things done first,” Kenzie said.

 During volleyball season and track season, things can get pretty hectic for Kenzie. The sports that she participates in do not just end when the season end because she also has a lot of post-season training. Kenzie can often be found juggling multiple practices on the same day and in the same week. 

¨I try working around things as much as possible during the offseason to get as many practices as I can¨ Kenzie said. 

School alone can be pretty stressful for any student, but putting multiple things on top of it can become overwhelming. It is important to have a support system. Moser’s support system is her friends and family. 

“We encourage her to work hard always, and we attend all her games,” Kenzie’s mom Caery Moser said. “If Kenzie were to have a bad game or race, we tell her to keep working hard and stay positive and that we believe in her. Her dad may buy her an iced coffee to cheer her up, which usually helps.”

Kenzie is constantly training to be better than her previous self, whether it is working on things by herself or going to more camps and training programs. Kenzie also challenges herself in school by taking accelerated or AP classes.

“I admire her effort and everything she does and how much she pushes herself to do good. In sports, she trains very hard, and she takes harder classes in school and still gets good grades” BHS junior Kaden Renner said. 

Kenzie sets high goals for herself and makes sure she reaches them. She is able to reach those goals by training hard, being very organized and keeping her schedule straight. 

“We just try to remind her to do the items throughout the week, but for the most part, she manages by herself. We don’t give her chores to do during a busy week,” Caery said. 

Kenzie has impressed people throughout her life with her academic success and her athletic success. When asked how they would describe Kenzie, her mom and Renner expressed that she is a positive person who works hard in everything that she does.

¨Kenzie is a nice person she is and always will be kind to everyone she encounters¨ Renner said.

Kenzie knows she wants to continue her volleyball career into college. She is unsure where it will take her, but she knows it is a goal of hers. Moser has her parents’ support through this upcoming chapter in her life.

“Volleyball is her passion, and I know she loves it,” Caery said

Kenzie has a bright future, and anyone can see that: her teachers, her classmates, her friends, and her family. Moser will continue to strive to impress all with her hard work and dedication.