This Will Be Funny Someday Book Review


This humorous, coming-of-age novel by Katie Henry describes the life of high school student, Izzy. Throughout This Will Be Funny Someday, Izzy finds her voice by entering the world of stand-up comedy, all while balancing the weight of lying to her friends and family. As a very short summary, Izzy accidentally signs herself up to go on stage as a comedian. After her improvised act, three seniors in college, Mo, Will and Jonah, approach Izzy and agree to help her come up with better jokes. From then on, while lying about being a junior in college, Izzy goes out to perform on stage with her newfound friends. Overall, this book was a great read. Not only did it include genuinely funny jokes, but it was intriguing enough to keep any reader hooked throughout the whole novel. 

5 stars.