Shang – Chi

Scott Gotta

File:Shang-chi logo.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

      The new Marvel film Shang-Chi (2021) is an action adventure that follows a young martial arts master, who rediscovers his past and uses his skills to prevent a global catastrophe. The father of Shang-Chi, Mandarin, and leader of the powerful criminal organization known as the Ten Rings, seeks to contain global power and rescue a deceased spouse from an outside universe. Using the powerful, and unbeatable forces of the Ten Rings, Shang-Chi battles his father’s gang to prevent him from releasing his deceased mother from a sealed tomb that would unleash evil spirits guarding the burial place. Overall the movie depicts the classic theme of good and evil, and how persistence can overcome even the most difficult tasks facing the hero. Because of great visual effects, and an advanced reenactment of martial arts styles, it is a great addition to the marvel universe of characters.