JID’s “The Forever Story” review


Warning the content reviewed in this article contains explicit material. 

JID just released his third studio album under Dreamville, and since it is under Dreamville you know it is gonna be good. If you did not know, he is a 31 year old rapper from Atlanta, Georgia.

This is the first JID album I have ever given a full listen through and it is immaculate. He has got some unmatched beats, insane samples, and absolutely breathtaking pen games. It has some pretty solid features from Kenny Mason, 21 Savage, Baby Tate and others. Within the album, he seems to dedicate songs to friends, family and talking about himself, which is the theme. Each song tells its own story. It is a good listen if you want to hear some music that you can jam too, and it can be deep simultaneously. He has been making music since 2015, however this album can definitely make him go mainstream. 

The track that takes the cake though has to be Surround Sound. Surround sound has one of the best beat switches I have ever heard. Of course, it also has 21 Savage who carried his weight like usual and wrote an intense verse. I hope to see them collaborate again, and am especially excited to hear his next album and hope it will be even better than this one, which is a 5/5. I am expecting his next album to be a 6/5.