Summer Jobs

Summer jobs help bring in money and develop skills.


When school ends and there is a lot of free time, some people choose to hangout with friends, go to the gym, or hang out around loved ones. A beneficial option would be to secure a job. 

A job is a great way to get out and about, especially in the nice weather that is to come. On the other hand, some kids have a lot going on with sports, family, friends, etc. and do not have the option to get a job. If someone do have the opportunity to get a job they should.

Having a summer job is really beneficial, not just for ones pocket, but oneself. With a job, people will learn how to do a set amount of tasks per day, and develop good people skills.

People skills help people grow as a person and develop good traits, it also can develop ones communication skills. Some other skills that can be developed are good teamwork skills, professionalism, a good work ethic, and perseverance. These jobs are essential to develop sometime throughout your life, and help others develop as well.

Summer jobs also give teens experience for future jobs, and more. If someone gets a job as a teen that they are interested in pursuing in the future, then it will give them a head start. Having a head start will put them in front of others with experience and wisdom about the job.

A job also gets you someone out of their comfort zone and develops someone as a person. If someone go through the struggle, it makes you adapt and it gets easier as you go on. For example, when employees go through training, they are overwhelmed and tired at the end of the day. After a week or two, the employees have adapted and gotten used to the work environment and work load, and it won’t be as stressful as it was when they first started.

Overall, it depends on the person’s availability and the job that the person is applying for. It is good to have a job if someone has time available. It is good to have a summer gig and get some extra cash, as well as experience.