Staying nourished during the COVID-19 pandemic

The coronavirus has created a pause in the job industry in the United States, with many people now having to work at home. Even with all the public venues closing down, it is important we keep food venues open.


With COVID-19 becoming a global problem, many organizations and companies have suspended operations or implemented ways to work from home. The economic effects of this have shown dramatically, with the U.S. in the midst of a stock market crash. While political leaders and people in power continue to search for a solution to these problems and many companies halt their day-to-day work, it is important those people in power keep necessities open for citizens. 

Many people rely on food venues for their meals. Venues like soup kitchens and food trucks are crucial to providing food to the population. Grocery stores supply many people with necessary supplies, like food and water. Suspending those could mean awful news for many people who rely on those services for their daily meals.  

While most of these venues currently remain open, it is important that organizations do everything they can to keep them open. Implementing strict healthy procedures is a very important step in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Engaging in practices such as social distancing, remaining clean by washing one’s hands and avoiding coughing and sneezing in those public areas goes a long way in helping the fight against COVID-19.  

However, with states and cities now regulating how many people can be together in a public area, venues should begin to prepare for these regulations. Many venues should start mapping out ways to deliver food and meals without people having to come into a populated place. Services like food trucks and Uber Eats are good ways to address this problem.   

Fast-food restaurants have already created a solution to those problems. Many fast-food chains across the United States have closed their indoor service and are now serving exclusively through take-out with minimal staff and strict health regulations. 

Other organizations are beginning to take that first step. Companies like DoorDash and Sun Basket have become a popular way to deliver meals from location to location. They keep contact to a minimum when delivering meals and are a safe option when ordering food from grocery stores or restaurants. 

While those companies are making innovative and creative approaches to deliver meals, city and government officials should also cooperate with these food donation organizations and restaurant chains to provide meals to citizens. Together, they can make it easier to deliver food by mapping out areas for meals to be delivered. They can also create routes to deliver meals and groceries throughout a city. 

COVID-19 has changed the way many people live their lives. It has created new obstacles and challenges in daily life. Even with all the change that is happening, it is crucial that food is available to people during these times.