Ways to Stay Productive in Quarantine

With many distractions at hand, it can be easy to become unproductive during quarantine. However, there are a few ways to ensure that all work and assignments are completed.


Calista Rennich

Long hours of self-isolation can make it difficult to stay on task. Distractions such as social media, sleeping and doing other things are readily available to keep one from doing their work. Here are a few things one can do in order to keep themselves on top of their work during quarantine. 

One really important way to keep oneself as productive as possible during quarantine is to set a routine. Try to make life as normal as possible. Setting a schedule for when work will be done, breaks will be taken and when meals will be eaten is a good way to stay on track. 

Organization of the tasks that need to be completed is also very important. Writing a hand-written to-do list is another good way to ensure that all work will be completed on time. Write a realistic list that only includes things that one will for sure be able to complete in the time allowed. 

Distancing oneself from distractions is a crucial way to avoid not getting work done. Have a designated space in which only work is done. One way to motivate oneself to do work is to make completing tasks pleasurable. Maybe a rule could be set in which one only gets the drink they like while they work. That way the drink is a motivation to get things done. 

Even though staying productive among countless distractions can prove to be difficult, there are many ways to keep on top of work while at home.